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Dating divas white elephant gifts

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Shave and Play Barbie – Fun DIY White Elephant Gift Idea

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Annual White Elephant (VLOGMAS #28 PART 1: 12/24/15)

We invite all the cousins over, make a big batch of dough and break out the cookie cutters. She gave these sets as gifts to our extended family and everyone loved them. They looked like this out-of-stock Etsy item:. Its cheap and you can make anything you can imagine! She left this suggestion in the comments during our giveaway contest and I absolutely love it. Awfully cute for Dollar Tree decorations, right? You put either hot chocolate or a baking item Freecell dating divas printables for girls it, put a bow on it and BAM!

Freecell dating divas printables for girls add a small belt section and a ribbon! Linda at Mason Jar Crafts Love provides a stencil you can print out and detailed instructions to help you paint these gorgeous jars.

Fill your jars with homemade Christmas gifts with easy-to-make snacks! There are SO many options. We found many more than we could possibly list here… but here are some of my favorites.

HUGE Round up of THE BEST White Elephant Gift Ideas

Just a few simple ingredients combine to make something quite delicious! These simple instructions from Mom Spark encourage you to invent your own combination of flavors from coatings and Freecell dating divas printables for girls. Not fond of those? Themed baskets are awesome! Adjust these suggestions as necessary to fit the unique interests of your friend or loved one. The Dollar Store is Freecell dating divas printables for girls great place to stock up on many of these items!

Freecell dating divas printables for girls Dollar Store offers these baskets and usually has a healthy supply of crayons, paints, coloring books, stickers and art supplies to fill them with. Find a cute box and add cupcake supplies, including sprinkles, cupcake liners and Freecell dating divas printables for girls Dollar Store finds!

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You can also print out images to tape to toothpicks for fun toppers. The basket is filled with treats with fun labels by the Dating Divas. Treat your friends or family to an Ice Cream Sundae Kit! Everybody loves tacos, right? I know I would love this idea from Darling Doodles Design…. Wrap a pillar candle with cinnamon sticks and some twine. Before it solidifies, insert a wick.

Just be sure Freecell dating divas printables for girls use new socks — and I highly recommend some scented oil to offset the smell of warm rice. The most affordable way to make one is to find a cheap framed mirror or painting at a thrift store and fill it in with chalkboard paint. The basket features chocolate spoons, hot cocoa mix and a dry sugar cookie mix with a festive cookie cutter.

How adorable is this?! You can easily Freecell dating divas printables for girls it in Christmas colors or fill it with Christmas candy if if you want it to be more festive for the upcoming holiday. You can find a tutorial for a similar item here. I hate being broke - Freecell dating divas printables for girls I always have too much month at the end of my money.

Freecell dating divas printables for girls

As a journalist, I decided it was time to use my skills to investigate ways that my family and yours could thrive despite our less-than-ideal incomes Then I go to Dollar Tree and get the pretty boxes to put them in. Here is the easiest wreath…ever! Go to Dollar Store and buy a set of ornament balls. Find a wire hanger and bend it into a circle you know…like a wreath.

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Uncurl the hook end to open it, but leave it so you can curl it back together to close. Add the ornaments to the wire one at a time using the loop that comes on the balls. Stagger them as you wish to fill up the wire. Close the wire and add a bow you can find a fancy one at the Dollar Store.

Yay for giveaways and fun, affordable, low stress, little mess diy projects! One of our family favorites is the Twiggy Tree Ornaments https: My kids and I make salt clay ornaments, the older they get the more elaborate the ornaments get. We always sit down and make our own ornaments, and personalize them with the year.

We also enjoy making garland out of popcorn, or paper shapes…. Freecell dating divas printables for girls the cookies and use a tub of cream cheese frosting to stick them together. People are easily impressed with the results even though they are semi-homemade. I love to crochet and have taught myself everything I know. I learned the crochet pattern from a YouTube video.

I love homemade gifts better than anything store bought. This year we Freecell dating divas printables for Freecell dating divas printables for girls lots of sugar scrubs. Sugar, olive oil, food coloring and essential oils to make it smell yummy. We used jars and containers and had a blast. I love making different bundles from Dollar tree…for movie goers I do 3 boxes of candy and a box of popcorn with a Redbox code for free movie rental, bakers I get spoons, measuring cups and mixes with a copy of a recipe and for the glamour girls I put together a makeup holder with makeup,polishes,brushes ect.

I do hygiene ones for the homeless shelter also. I get old picture frames from the thrift store Freecell dating divas printables for girls dollar store. TAke the glass out of the frame. Then paint a very simple snowman or nativity on the glass. Let it dry and put it paintside in- back into the frame. Great gifts and several family members enjoy seeing how the art grows up a bit each year.

And at least at our house, it got played with a lot!! It is always made with a hand or their foot print. Then, I had her use fingerprints to decorate the wings. Sometimes the dollar tree has the canvases, Walmart has them at a good price.