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I want to be positive and open-minded, but the dudes out there are making it quite difficult for me. What is this world we live in? Every app has a different gimmick and so far they all just suck. That leaves you choosing entirely on looks, which is stupid as hell. Then, even if you do match … good luck getting anywhere with anyone. Most of the men I message never message me back at all.

Why Online Dating Is Worse Than Not Dating At All

It makes me feel really good, let me tell you. Even if I do strike up a conversation with someone, he usually lets it fizzle out after a few sentences back and forth. I almost never get a guy who actually asks for my number, let alone asks me out on a date. But that's a start, it wasn't so long ago I seemed virtually invisible to women.

My co-workers were awe struck that I could just sit down with them and generate that much interest. To the point I'm getting at to sum this up. Now she may not be available, or interested enough to want to date me, and being aspie my social skills are somewhat handicapped, but I figure the odds of that leading somewhere are far better than the alternative. Thoughts on the matter? How does online dating work out for men at all to end up in a relationship? Does it take thousands of attempts on average? Ironically I met my said abusive ex on plenty of fish back in I think it was.

I had never thought about the statistics behind it before. She told me she liked me because I was one of an extremely rare few guys who didn't seem like a grease ball.

'Why I gave up on online dating'

I think I can do far better in person. I just need to get myself in more social situations. I am considering joining a hiking club in my area for starters.

Pariah Dog , Nov 26, Informative x 3 Friendly x 2 Like x 1. I'm on Tinder on my phone, and I've had a few matches in the UK, but I don't think Dad would approve of me going on Tinder dates as a 41 year old Aspie. Mr Allen , Nov 26, The Midge , Nov 26, Agree x 3 Like x 1.

6 Reasons Online Dating Will Never Lead To Love

Roy pryer , Nov 26, The main issue I had with online dating was this: The men put down some variation of: I like doing outdoorsy things, I like concerts, I like hanging out with my friends but also quiet evenings in, and maybe I like some specific artsy thing. The women put down some variation of: I love joking around, but I can be serious too, I love movies and concerts, but I like a private evening in too. Basically, they were either all the same So they didn't really say a heck of a lot other than how much they valued normalcy - at least the appearance of it.

Then what I struggled with was I honestly wasn't relating to all of that normalcy, I was far more quirky. I think the key is to just find someone whose real personality might shine through and might be one you are genuinely really drawn towards, rather than just finding the people you might think are good looking.

First moves form guys were always just causal "hey" and a comment on my profile description to start a conversation. But the only kind of quirky I found on those sites was very off-putting. I had some exciting conversations with cute guys I liked, but they never had much in common with me, and they fizzled out - like my real life relationships fizzled out when I could appreciate the guy, but we didn't share a heck of a lot in common so they couldn't really appreciate me.

All of those masses of more "normal" girls out there would eventually outcompete me with their promise of shared normalcy Not sure if any of this is useful - and it was only based on my own experience.

Maybe you can avoid my pitfalls! Ambi , Nov 26, Like x 2 Agree x 1. I've used online dating sites in the past and met one of my exes online. For a women, they are overwhelming! I can put up a pretty empty profile and within 24 hours I will have over messages.

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Assuming I don't have a job or anything else to do, I can spend all day going through those messages and as you pointed out maybe five will be more than 'Hi babe. On certain dating sites, there will be a number of sometimes fairly artistic photographed genitalia to go through as well.

So before I even get to looking at profiles, I've spent an entire day going through the rubbish. I try to make it very straightforward for men and make it clear about what sort of person I am, what I am looking for and what I'm not attracted to. I don't want to waste someone's time if I know I will never consider dating them. Even the guys who bother writing more than a sentence rarely bother to actually check we are a good match first.

Even when I point out the obvious, e. Ok, I've never actually called anyone obese or referred to them as Hagrid, but you get my point. It's as if men take the approach of just spamming every single female on the site with the same message without checking that they are a match and then get annoyed with the women because they've wasted their time and effort. I do feel bad for the genuine guys on dating sites who bother to fill in a profile honestly, actually read other people's profiles and then write more than two sentences to a woman.

Why Online Dating is Toxic - Become Greater

A lot of dating sites now make it a bit easier by including a questionnaire that just requires ticking boxes and then match you up with someone else's answers. But people still lie on the questionnaires, so it isn't fool proof. This is the first time I've been single in a while and I've pretty much stayed away from dating sites this time, as I don't have the inclination to go through all of that work again. But good luck to anyone who is giving it a go and I hope you find someone!

Sid Delicious , Nov 26, The conclusion seems to be that most men are entirely useless at online dating. From what I read here That is to say, the majority of males presenting themselves to online dating services apparently make the minimum effort while expecting the maximum result. Agree x 1 Winner x 1. I've been using dating sites for years and have had no real success. Well that's not exactly true, I have hooked up twice. But I've gone on a lot of dates and been ghosted afterwards so, the whole thing has gotten very stale.

I met one girl who was great but it fizzled out and it hurt. No where else to meet girls, so I am stuck with it and I greatly dislike it. Suiseiseki , Nov 26, I've played around on it, 'likes' were at least a little validation even tho it could just be a mistake by someone. The way girls get flooded on that site make it seem really impossible to get anybody to notice you I think and when that many guys are hitting you up then why the guy with Aspergers?

I could show more initiative and try to contact more people more but it seems like a total crap shoot. I'm probably not going to meet anybody IRL so the prospects online are pretty depressing. Jacoby , Nov 26, I've never been on a dating site nor do I intend to be. People have to get to know you in the real world or they won't give you a second thought, let alone remember you. Not that I'm interested in meeting someone new right now, for reasons explained elsewhere on here.

Why Online Dating Is Worse Than Not Dating At All

Dating sites are about coverage. You can -see- a lot more women from a hot air baloon than you can walking on the street. But you can reach less of them. You can throw notes or calling cards from your baloon, but I can walk up and ask for the time. Or offer an umbrella. Scarier, but more real.