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In the game, the main goal of the player is to start her career in the office of Crown Attorney as…. Games Like Love and Order.

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The game offers heart-touching story, in which, Amy the protagonist is desperate for her boyfriend. The game allows you get into the role of Amy, who is a female and help her in order to make her…. Games Like Always Remember Me. The game is available to play on Widows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The game offers the player to get into the role of the protagonist named as Merui Lucas, who is a female. According to the story, the protagonist is a girl who loves playing video games.

6 Visual Novel Recommendations For Beginners

The game includes two protagonists and allows the player to play as either Max or Anne. The story revolves around Anne or Max through their first year of college.

More Visual Novels and games like katawashoujo? : katawashoujo

The game offers exciting gameplay, in which you can take on the role of the protagonist named as Mina who is trapped. She lost her memory and followed the assistance of the Oracle and protected by the guys from those that fear her with dark powers. The game allows the player to explore realm, find…. Games Like Frozen Essence. The game takes place in the fictional kingdom of Zeiva and allows you to assume the role of the princess. According to the story, you are given a machine on your 16th birthday that you can use to summon people from other dimensions.

The game offers exciting gameplay and lets you play as…. Games Like Other Age. The game offers the combination of Role-playing and Classic Visual Novel elements and lets the player get into the role of the protagonist named as Cinders who is a young woman living with her stepmother and her daughter. The story of Cinderella inspires the game. In the game, the fate of the protagonist…. The game takes place in a massive mansion and lets the player assume the role of the protagonist, who is a female. The game follows the story of a young girl Student who goes on a date with her boyfriend and disappears.

The story of the game starts. Games Like Date Warp.

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The game lets the player get into the game world by customization his character where he can enjoy a romantic relationship with other players. The game is specially designed for teens and tweens. The game allows the player to interact with online players around the world, make new friends, chat with them, and enjoy the virtual….

Games Like Star Project. The game offers an exciting gameplay, in which you are able to assume the role of the protagonist who is a female and the game takes place in a high school environment. In the game, your primary task is to find a friend or boyfriend in the motley crowd of….

Games Like Lucky Rabbit Reflex. The game offers an exciting gameplay and takes place in a virtual fantasy world.


In the game world, you must create your fantasy ego by selecting normal human, a demoness, and a cute elf. As the game start, the player must find a job from up to twenty…. Games Like Spirited Heart. The game lets you select your own avatar and get into the game world where you are a student in high school. There are three characters to play such as Nerd, Jock, and Prep and allows you to choose one of them. Make new friends, go to parties, dance with new friends, and earn…. Games Like High School Story. The game lets you assume the role of the protagonist and allows him to select his own adventure.

The game revolves around the Centerscore High, a high school with recognizable cliques. The player can control multiple unique students in the whole game. The game consists of the different stories and lets…. Games Like Surviving High School. Navigate the world to progress in the story and make new friends and chat with clique. There are over 35, stories and the game enables the player to pick…. In this game, the player can take on the role of a female protagonist who is a student of high school along with his two friends named as Suzu Cappini and Naomi Patterson.

After the funeral, she learns that inherited her large estate. Games Like Seduce Me the Otome. The story of the game follows Junpei, a student of a college. The gameplay of the game consists of the two different types of the section such as Escape and Novel. In the Novel section, the player can start his adventure to progress through the storyline and converses…. The story of the game follows a princess who is training to become a brave queen of her kingdom after the death of her mother. In this game, the ultimate task of the player keeps the princess alive for forty weeks until she turns fifteen and its crowned.

At the beginning of the game, it…. Games Like Long Live the Queen. It is a sixth major game in the series of Persona that is a part of Megami Tensei franchise. The games take place in the Tokyo, and the story of the game follow the silent protagonist after his transfer to the Shujin Academy.

2. ACE Academy

According to the gameplay, it offers a third-person view and allows the…. Games Like Persona 5. Steam Win Mac Linux Vita. The game offers two different types of gameplay such as School life that divided into the Daily life and Deadly life sections and Class Trail. Games Like Danganronpa 2: It is another installment in the series of Princess Maker that allows the player to raise his own daughter to become a brave lady. The story of the game follows a young girl a daughter of a king who can kill by the antagonist.

In this game, the player can take on the role of a warrior…. Games Like Princess Maker Refine. According to the story of the game, it follows young woman characters who has spent her life in work, and she wants to board her life. She decided to leave her job and spend some days a racing horse ranch with the assumption that it would be full of cute, handsome men…. Games Like My Horse Prince. The game takes place in the magical school where the player can take on the role of a female protagonist.

In this game, the ultimate task of the player interacts with the non-player characters, makes new friends, learn new magical spells, face exams against the deadly enemies, find true love and…. Games Like Magical Diary: The game takes place in the fantasy-kingdom where the player is able to explore the stunning environment, interact with non-player character to makes new friends and complete verity of objectives.

At the beginning of the game, it allows the player to create his character with gender, name, costume and other beautiful things. After creating his character, it allows the…. Games Like Cute Knight Kingdom. It is one of the best game like Episode that offers similar gameplay with an exciting storyline. The game is simply epic imo, it has 6 different endings and you can get all of them, it has puzzles which are kinda fun, and a story which is really interesting. Many plot twists are there as well. It is the best visual novel I played and I highly recommend it.

OP asked for something like Katawa Shoujo? Screw that, let's recommend , that's about as far from what OP wanted as it gets. If you really had issues with that, I have nothing to recommend. Otherwise, you should get officially translated titles - they don't require anything other than installation. Not all of them are like KS, but some should fit. Clannad is a good visual novel that is similar. I'd personally recommend Symphonic Rain too, it has a somewhat similar feeling to Katawa Shoujo. Nothing is going to be easier to download and play than Katawa Shoujo.

Clannad is on Steam now though, I believe. I am currently playing Narcissu and it does feel the same as Katawa Shoujo. For now at least. You can get it for free through Steam.

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You could also try this little nugget I found: This fucking laugh yo. Don't tell me it's not perfect and don't you tell me it was better silent. Anyone who doesn't hate anime hasn't watched enough anime.