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Surviving a relationship with a serial cheater is hard.

How to Handle a Serial Cheater

I battled constantly with the anxiety, fearing that he would cheat again; the jealousy from seeing him with another woman; and the devastation that he never changed. Here are the other truths I learned from being a relationship with someone like Jack. Your perception of relationship changes Jack and I argued so often that it became normal in our relationship.

The cycle begins with him getting caught, us making up, and then back to square one.

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It happened so often because I believed good things will come my way if I persevered. Once a cheater, always a cheater, they say.

Am I not good enough for him? Have I not been listening attentively to his problems?

Signs of a serial cheater: Why some people can’t stop being unfaithful

Had I not been there when he needed me? I slowly began to feel that I was the reason he was always searching for someone else. That mentality took a toll on my self-worth and confidence. Throughout my relationship, I never felt good enough. One day, I googled his name and found his OkCupid profile.

By a stroke of luck, he used the same password on the website. Then, I accessed his inbox to find messages of him with different women. There were 12 different women, altogether. He used the same move on every one of them.

The Serial Cheat – Let them go | Gentlemen Extraordinaire

He imparted a sob story about dealing with his girlfriend me who had trust issues in the relationship. These poor, unsuspecting women consoled and comforted him with words of advice. After chatting with them for a few days, he asked for their number under the pretence that the woman understood him.

It would be nice to have someone to talk to. Naturally, a fight ensued. The more skeletons I uncovered in his closet, the more heated our phone conversations became. To change a situation one must do more than nag the situation into change. Be decisive, be strong and be active. Actions speak incredibly louder than words. Time to get up and move on.

Its time for change and every moment wasted with a serial cheat is more time your cheated out from being happy. Stop the heartache and stop the disrespect. Start knowing your worth. Jojo the gentleman extraordinaire has spoken. I used to be suggested this website by way of my cousin. I am not sure whether or not this post is written by him as nobody else recognize such unique about my problem. I appreciate the love and i hope you enjoy more of my blogs..

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I read this article over and over for the kick in the ass I needed and still need to get out and stay out. Woooooow thank You very much. Your gratitude is beyond what I expected, I always hope that someone is helped by the wisdom given to me by God. I pray that whatever situation or walk of life you get into you will prosper. Madam truly i appreciate your time to comment.

You know its true the point you are making because truth is those who continually do things to hurt you might still love you but may love the cheating more. Trust is a big thing but once it is broken it is a broken china plate put back together. If it falls again it needs even more superglue than before.

Serial Cheater Profile: 9 Personality Traits

After a while you just shouldnt put the plate together because any vibration or pressure will break the plate. You love them but love yourself too. God bless you for replying. My advice is please dont go back to a cheater. The lies they tell are many and what about the lies that are never exposed?

Sure its easy to be sorry once caught but the entire time they were cheating they enjoyed the stimulation they received. I was once the ow, I know the really story of the phone calls,the secret meetings the running around behind spouses back. Being cheated on makes it very difficult to trust your partner if you choose to stay together, but it also makes it hard to establish trust in future relationships, or even in other aspects of life, she added.

If you find out your partner cheated, start by discussing the issue face-to-face — as difficult as this may be. She added serial cheating can also be a sign your partner may be into non-monogamous relationships, something that only should be explored if both people are on the same page. Please read our Commenting Policy first. September 14, 2: