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Danish dating lingo - Copenhagen Language Center

What could force a strong, educated and beautiful woman to become a Danish mail order bride? Being strong emotionally and financially, Danish women are not forced into marriage sites — they choose to do so because of their own, personal reasons, and love plays a huge part in this picture.

We know all too well that as we mature, it gets more and more challenging to spare time for dating. So, trying your luck online is a solution as good as any — and it definitely has higher chances of success than running into your perfect partner in the shopping mall elevator. Then again, Danish brides for marriage are incredibly open-minded and are always ready to push their comfort boundaries even further. Sometimes, they are impressed so much that they start seeing other countries and even continents as more than just a tourist attraction.

Sure, you can set your adventurous spirit free and catch the first flight to Copenhagen, but generally, this is not the best idea. The first thing that should help you determine a legitimate marriage agency is the absence of fixed monthly and registration fees.

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Next, the agency should have a legal address and should operate according to international laws. No legal jurisdiction in the world can sell people. Remember, just looking should not cost you a dime, so take time to look around. You should only pay for the agency services once you decide to contact the girls you like.

Standard means of communication include letters and chats.

What to Know Before Dating Danish Women

Also, you should have a chance to define specific search parameters age, occupation, marital status, etc. This way, the agency will suggest a perfect match, but we still recommend to take these suggestions with a grain of salt — remember, love is an unpredictable thing, and Math can be helpful, but it will never take you the whole way.

Take some time chatting with several Danish brides online before you limit your choice to just one lady if that is your intention, of course — no one can tell you how many women you should talk to before, and if, you decide to get married. Even if your intentions are that dignified, and you are looking for a wife, not a girl to kill time with, we still suggest you cast a wider net — at least, in the first couple of weeks. Do remain patient.

Remember that finding the best Danish brides takes time, and finding your perfect match usually requires even more of it. Home Ethnic. Dream Singles. Why these women become Danish mail order brides? Where you can find Danish brides for marriage? Sure, you will give the agency your credit card number once you pay the bill, but be extremely careful about sharing your financial details with anyone expect the agency administration.

Usual tactics won’t work

While a reputable site does all in its power to protect you from scam, they cannot guarantee your complete safety from fraud. Never send any money to the women directly — no matter what heartbreaking stories you may hear. Keep an open mind when imaging hot Danish brides. So, do them a favor in return and only write true info about yourself.

Also, as you talk to the best Danish brides, be honest with your views on marriage. Whether you want to have kids, how much time do you plan to spend together — all of these details matter. Your brain will be your best ally in charming a Dane. An in-depth conversation on just about anything will be better than any small talk. She will be interested in a guy who is down to earth and authentic. If you want to impress a Danish girl, mention something you did that had a positive impact.

Why are they so popular among foreign men?

Danes care about society at large as well as the environment. Instead, tell her that your research has the potential to further human knowledge or possibly benefit someone.

Danish Women: #Dating rules in Denmark and Scandinavia

Your good deeds will leave her with a favorable impression of you. It will also help you a lot more than any physical object can.


We mentioned at the beginning of this article that Danish women are fond of being direct. So you need to be just as blunt as they are.

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  6. What we mean is that you should never be ambiguous. Just think about what you want to say and say it as simply as possible. It would be best if you also tried not to use too many flattering phrases either. In the end, dating a Danish girl will require you to become part of her circle. Having a caring and sober personality is going to be worth more than gold to her. Save my name, e-mail, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.